Why Choose Us?

·      In House specialist Design Consultants

·      We keep our customers informed and updated on the delivery date, worktop installation and fitment of your units.

·      Superior quality products.

·      Custom made units to fit your custom needs.

·      The owner and management oversees all signed plans to ensure excellent quality and service from beginning to end.

·      All products and units go through extensive quality checks in or factory prior to delivery.


Plans, 3d Visuals & Final Products

Rendered Image

Final Product

• All plans are designed by our qualified Design Consultants.

• All plans are captured onto Articad design software in house by our Articad certified 3D designer.

• During consultations all plans and renders are discussed and analyzed for review in depth with our customer in our showroom.

  The High Definition renders are depicted as accurately as possible to visualize the intended kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or  custom design. 

• The final product is created in our factory using only the most top quality materials found in the South African market.

• Our fitters are expertly experienced and a process of quality checks are followed with the consultant and fitter to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. 

View our some of our Grass Components on YouTube.